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Modelones collaborates with Tom Bachik on Color Cube collection

By Scratch Staff | 25 July 2023 | News, Products & Treatments

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US nail brand, Modelones, has collaborated with three influencers on its Unlock & Unleash Color Cube collection.

The three palettes of gel nail paints are supported by celebrity manicurist, Tom Bachik; Touch actress, Saxon Sharbino, and freelance make-up artist & content creator, Joaco Vazquez.

A spokesperson for the brand comments: “The Color Cube collection is a clarion call to artisans and enthusiasts alike, to liberate their creativity and discover uncharted territories of self-expression. A solid cream gel polish formula, these palettes are designed for everyday wear in any scenario.”

To use the product, prep the nails, apply Modelones Base Coat and cure. Pick up a bead of colour from the palette with a gel brush, and paint a thin coat onto the nail before curing. Repeat the process and finish with Modelones Top Coat.