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‘Nail art’ tops Halloween beauty & wellness searches

By Rebecca Hitchon | 25 October 2021 | News

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Data from beauty trend forecaster, Spate, has revealed that ‘nail art’ tops the most searched-for terms for Halloween beauty and wellness searches 2021.

The top four beauty trends searched with the term ‘Halloween’, when ranked by percent growth, are:

  1. ‘Fake Halloween nails’ (+62.2%)
  2. ‘Halloween pedicure’ (+46.0%)
  3. ‘Halloween Press-on Nails’ (+43.9%)
  4. ‘Halloween acrylic nail’ (+42.2%)

“Nails are the top term searched alongside the Halloween category, when ranked by average monthly search volume,” commented Yarden Horwitz, co-founder of Spate.

He added that the search volume for Halloween beauty trends is lower than in 2019, but has risen from last year – in line with consumer interest in nail art and care.

“The nail category overall is experiencing strong growth this year, so this will likely be a main area of focus for consumers embracing holiday beauty trends,” he said.

Following nail trends, ‘Halloween man cologne,’ ‘cat-eye makeup Halloween,’ ‘Halloween eyeshadow,’ ‘Halloween candles’ and ‘Halloween perfume’ make up the top nine most searched-for Halloween beauty terms.

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