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Nail Artist moves into Crystal Power & Healing

By Alex Fox | 21 December 2020 | News, Products & Treatments

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Nail tech, Jade Evangelou, owner of the once, Jade Angel salon in London and Artistic Nail Design educator, has developed a series of aromatherapy crystal-infused mood mists. We all need a little something to help enhance our moods and aromatherapy has been used for eons for not just physical, but psychological ailments too,” enthuses Jade.The use of crystals and their metaphysical properties can be traced back 1000s of years. It’s also accepted that each individual crystal carries a particular frequency that vibrates with our own energy for very positive results.”

Claiming to have been a huge success in her local community already, Jade is now soft launching and has been retailing them most recently for Christmas and the New Year.

Jade notes, “I starting developing these 18 months ago, not knowing what the future would hold for us. Emerging at just the right time, each of these carefully formulated sprays is designed to assist us during difficult times. Help us get out of our heads, to release worry and anxiety and bring about calm and healing. Immersing yourself  in your chosen mist, resets the mind to a better place and brings about a feeling of wellbeing.”



Geranium, lavender, frankincense, cypress & clove.

Charged with ruby & lapis lazuli essence.



Orange, ylang ylang, vanilla &rose geranium.

Charged with rose quartz & adventurine essence.



Rosemary, sage, juniper myrrh & benzoin.

Charged with amethyst & citrine essence.



Lavender, sandalwood, bergamot & jasmin.

Charged with amethyst & amanzonite



Melissa, palmarosa, sandalwood & tangerine.

Charged with blue lace agate & flourite.



Lemongrass, basil, Peppermint & sandalwood

Charged with tormalated quartz & citrine.

They are £15 each or 3 for £40 for 100ml glass bottle. P&P is £3.75 for up to 3 bottles.

Biggest sellers right now are Empower, Love and Peace. All have been carefully formulated to create the chosen mood to enhance.

Although Jade’s website is currently under construction, you can purchase before the official launch via Paypal and messenger.

Make a Paypal purchase to and then DM Jade with your chosen order so Jade can get them out to you before Christmas or more likely as a New Year – New You gift as we move into 2021. (NB: Delivery before Xmas is unlikely as we go to press, but  a quick message to Jade will confirm this.)