Roadmap: Nail & beauty training to recommence from 8 March in England

By Kat Hill | 01 March 2021 | Movers & Shakers, News, Training


In-person nail & beauty training in England can resume from 8 March as part of Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s lockdown exit strategy.

The British Beauty Council & Marian Newman, of The Federation of Nail Professionals (FNP) have confirmed via Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy that ‘independent/private training providers’ can resume training from 8 March in a Covid-secure manner and under the relevant restriction guidance (Further education coronavirus (COVID19) operational guidance).

Shared by The FNP, the statement also confirmed staff training can take place in preparation for reopening:

“Training can also recommence from 8 March in premises which are closed in legislation, but only if all those involved are members of staff and, while the stay-at-home message is in place (until Step 1B), if training cannot be done remotely. For example, an experienced staff member would be able to train another staff member, with a third member of staff acting as the ‘customer’. Members of the public should not be involved in training before Step 2.”

This confirmation comes after the prime minster’s announcement of his four-part lockdown exit plan for England, which expects businesses in the personal care sector to reopen from 12 April.

Personal care is in step two, meaning reopening will take place ‘at least 5 weeks after Step 1, no earlier than 12 April’. This stage of the plan includes all treatments and premises (with the exception of saunas and steam rooms), as well as those working on a mobile-basis.

Each stage of Johnson’s four-part plan will be driven by ‘data’ rather than dates. The introduction of each stage will depend on four ‘tests’: the vaccine rollout; number of hospital admissions & deaths falling; pressure on NHS; and, the impact of any variants. If all tests are met, the government will then give one week’s notice to prepare for opening.

Scotland’s ‘cautious’ roadmap could see beauty businesses open from 26 April, however, currently, no update has been given for training. Beauty businesses in Wales could return from 15 March while lockdown restrictions in Ireland will remain in force until 5 April.

Click here to read the government’s Covid-19 response report with further details about the roadmap.