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Nail looks backstage at Dancing On Ice: Week 4

By Guest Writer | 03 February 2018 | Events, News

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Follow Maddy Rooke, celebrity nail tech, Gellux fan and MD of Nails at Studio 4, as she tends to the talons of skaters and celebrities backstage at ITV’s Dancing On Ice

Hello Scratch readers!

Although this week’s show didn’t have a theme, the costumes were incredible and I had a little more time with each celeb and pro skater which allowed me to get more creative with their nail looks.

Perri, who sadly got voted off this week (you will be missed!), had a theme almost like My Little Pony – she had the most incredible multi-coloured wig in gorgeous pastels with gorgeous iridescent eyes. I teamed this look with multiple pastel shades on her nails using the Salon System GELLUX Clear Base/Top Coat and 5 shades of the IBD Just Gel Polish in Rocco, Juliet, My Babe, Fancy Fingers and Hot Springs. This was a hit with the team!

I had two other fave looks from this week…

First was Brandee’s – she was in all gold, so of course a 24k Gold look was a must! For her nails I layered the Lecente Gold Foil to create a crushed gold effect. Top tip: when using foils make sure you use a tacky gel polish colour/top coat. If you don’t you might be there for a while layering the foils. The gel needs to be as tacky as possible to ensure the foil will adhere to the nail.

The other was on Ale – she had electric blue and pink eyes. This week I received the Lecente Neon Powders, which I couldn’t wait to try out. I applied Salon System GELLUX in Purely White as a base colour and set for one minute. I then brushed the pink shade onto the nails leaving the ring finger for the moment. Be careful not to apply too much and not to get too much on the skin – it will come off but just makes your job easier when you come to tidying your mani later on. Apply top coat over the areas you want the powder to stick to – in this case it was the entire nail and set, repeat if necessary.

For the fourth finger, I wanted to do something a little different. Using the same application process, I created an ombre effect with pink and the blue into the nail. Using my dotting tool, I placed small dots over the colour using the top coat. Set and wipe away – what is placed under the top coat will be all that is left. It’s amazing!

I’m absolutely loving being part of the team but can’t believe we are almost half way through!

Catch me next week for more backstage beauty goss!

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