Nail tech launches resin nail tool tray

By Kat Hill | 25 February 2021 | News, Products & Treatments

Bohoadora Resin Trays

Kirstan Hart, owner of Nail Hart, Farnborough, has created a range of resin products for fellow nail technicians.

The Bohoadora range consists of trays, tool rests and palettes, ideal for displaying nail tools or mixing products on. Kirstan has also created decorative figurines and coasters.

Kirstan Hart

“The trays can be used on their own for trinkets, as well as your nail or eyelash tools,” Kirstan reveals.

“The tool rest are compatible and fit neatly inside the oval tray to stop them rolling about.”

“I am about to bring out some exciting large trays with gold handles.”

The resin creations are trend lead, with tortoiseshell-inspired patterns proving popular. “My favourite product is the blonde tortie tray,” states Kirstan. “I was obsessed with the amber colour combination, but then the blonde was developed. Tortie nails are still huge in the nail industry and actually my most requested design from clients.”

Kirstan created the range with fellow nail techs in mind. “I know so many techs that have taken pride in redecorating their workspace and I hope my new range can add some stylish finishing touches,” she states.

“More than ever, technicians need to show how we can operate safely, and with highest hygiene standards. We have also seen beautiful new tool ranges hit the market recently. What better way to showcase a clean, stunning set of tools than displayed than in a gorgeous tray for a client’s arrival.”

Orders can be placed via Instagram at @bohoadora.

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