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Nail tech launches scholarship to support drag community

By Rebecca Hitchon | 31 March 2022 | Movers & Shakers, News

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On hearing about the difficult experiences of clients from the drag community, Melanie Garlick of Cruelty Free Clawz has launched The Cruelty Free Clawz Scholarship, offering support to three up-and-coming UK drag artists.

Melanie Garlick

“While television shows have been hugely important in increasing the visibility of drag, there has been a negative impact on non-televised drag artists who are expected to have the same aesthetic as those on television, through costumes, hair, nails and make-up,” reveals Melanie. She adds that meeting these expectations is unobtainable for many due to its expense, and this impacts how many bookings local, non-televised drag artists receive.

“As a business whose primary clientele is drag artists, it was important for me to assist. I could donate to charities, but it would not help the specific problems that I have heard about. Through creating my own initiative, I can directly support artists to address some of these issues,” the Lincolnshire based nail tech continues.

Melanie and a panel of judges will vote for the three winners of the scholarship, who can apply until April 28 2022 via the Cruelty Free Clawz website. These winners will be provided with support until the end of April 2023.

They will receive an initial press-on nail starter set, before being provided with custom-designed nails every two months. Also included in the scholarship is ongoing media promotion, for example regular spotlight features on Cruelty Free Clawz’s social media and website, modelling roles for media and competitions, and live meet and greet opportunities.

I have never experienced support for my work like I have from the drag community. It felt right when considering my charity work for the year that I offer something exclusively to support the people who have championed me and my art, and helped me get to where I am,” says Melanie.