Nail technician creates design featuring mum-to-be’s pregnancy scan

By Sophie Nutt | 17 April 2018 | Movers & Shakers, News

Sarah Clarke Nails Jpg

A UK nail technician has gone viral after creating a nail design that incorporates her pregnant client’s baby scan into the look.

Sarah Clarke, of Sarenity Hair and Beauty, wanted to make her client’s pregnancy as memorable as possible and felt compelled to do something exceptional for the mum-to-be, “It’s the first time I’ve created anything like this. I wanted to give my client something special to go into hospital with to have her baby as she is getting induced this Thursday.” Sarah continues, “Although I waited until she was due to have her baby, I had told her about my plans for the design months ago!”

The nail look sees a soft pretty pink ombre with small individual crystals at the cuticle, featuring the baby scan art on the middle finger in black and white. “I created the design by applying a set of acrylics before copying the scan onto the nail freehand, using paint and a fine brush.

“It’s such a shock that this has gone viral – since positing it on Facebook, as I do every night with my nail designs, it’s just gone crazy! It has been shared over 44,000 times on Facebook and has had countless likes and comments. It’s also had over 90,000 likes on Twitter!”

Due to the amount of attention the baby scan nails have received, Sarah is now offering a new service for mums-to-be wanting a similar design.

Learn more about the new service and check out Sarah’s work by clicking here.