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Nail Those Profits at Sea Cruise: Day 6

By Guest Writer | 28 January 2020 | Events, News

Nail Those Profits At Sea cruise 6

Ahoy! Join Wendy Old, educator with HD Professional, as she embarks on a nail-focused cruise and shares tech tales from the High Seas…

Day 6

Sadly, it’s our last full day! We were at sea, but, on the plus side, it was a full day of education, which kicks off with a stiletto class by Hazel Dixon.

The British way of sculpting stilettos is quite different to the USA method, in terms of creating length and structure, so it was interesting to see everyone’s take on the process. There were some stunning creations made! The class then moved from stiletto to decorating and nail art techniques including extreme 3D roses with Hazel.

I was surprised to learn that any type of 3D isn’t very popular in the USA. This meant this class was very well received, as everyone thoroughly enjoyed exploring their creative side! Once again, Danielle Cragg bagged first place in a blind competition during the afternoon.

The afternoon then saw a class hosted by Gina Silvestro, from Akzentz and Gelessentialz. It began with Gina presenting multiple methods of applying crystals with different products and media, followed by a fabulous session on taking and editing photos with your phone.

In the evening, we enjoyed a farewell meal and drinks with the group to say goodbye to all our new friends.

Next, we return to Miami to catch our flight home.