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Nails top holiday beauty searches in UK

By Rebecca Hitchon | 15 August 2022 | News

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With summer holiday season well underway, beauty hub and wellness destination, Clarins Beauty Daily, has analysed Google data to discover the top 10 holiday beauty searches in the UK.

The data reveals that Brits are most interested in their nails when going on holiday, with queries linked to ‘holiday nails’ searched for 414,960 times per year.

The analysis also finds orange to be the most popular holiday nail colour, with 5,040 yearly searches for ‘orange holiday nails’ and ‘holiday nails orange’, while coffin is the most searched for holiday nail shape, with 5,760 searches.

The top 10 holiday beauty searches are:

  1. Holiday nails – 414,960

  2. Skincare ingredients and sun exposure – 78,120, with Brits seeking information on hyaluronic acid and retinol the most, to discover if they can be worn in the sun.

  3. Hairstyles – 28,200, with hairstyles specifically for black afro-textured and curly hair searched for 5,400 times in a year, and short hairstyles searched for the most out of all hair lengths with 1,440 searches.

  4. Waxing – 22,920, with Brits most eager to find out the best time to get a wax, with this query searched for 20,520 times per year.

  5. Fake tan – 21,960

  6. Hair care products – 15,360

  7. Spray tan – 14,280, with 2,040 searches recorded for how to make a tan last while on holiday.

  8. Skincare tips – 13,320

  9. Hair treatment tips – 12,000

  10. Hair dyeing and colouring – 5,800

Clarins Beauty Daily editor, Sarah Joan Ross, comments: “As 2022 is the year many Brits are getting back into the swing of travel after the pandemic, it’s interesting to see what we’re all searching for the most when it comes to beauty for a holiday.

“As we make new experiences and make up for lost time, it’s clear we also want to look and feel our best. From finding the perfect holiday manicure to working out the best time to wax ahead of a trip, these findings reveal what we’re thinking about the most as we plan our trips.”