Nailympia leader board revealed & could change as techs compete in Sydney

By Helena Biggs | 26 August 2017 | News


In a battle of skills and nail styling, scores from Nailympia‘s global events are now being amassed to create a world wide leader board of techs, for the first Nailympia Global Cup.

This leader board was started at Nailympia USA earlier this year, and may change as the results from Nailympia Australia come in this weekend.  

Nailympia Australia is hosting 11 competitions over two days, including Salon Nails, L&P Acrylic Sculpture and Reality Nails.

As it stands, the leader board is:

  1. Allie Baker – 448pts
  2. Guin Littlefied – 425pts
  3. Jessica Briarmoon – 351pts
  4. Madeline Wolf – 336pts
  5. Shannon McGowan – 323pts
  6. Phoenix Van Dyke  – 294pts
  7. Jen Wirth – 284pts
  8. Linda Reyes – 227pts
  9. Quoc Nguyen – 233pts
  10. RussAnna Dudley – 220pts
  11. Lori Anastos – 156pts
  12. Danalyn Stockwood – 130pts
  13. Aigul Fritze – 128pts

This Cup is tallied using scores from 4 competitions – Salon Nails, Stiletto Nails, Acrylic L&P Tip/Overlay & Acrylic L&P Sculpture – as all four competitions are run in the three Nailympia locations; USA, Australia and London.

Updates will follow next week after Nailympia Australia scores have been tallied. If you fancy competing in London in October, head to