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Nailympia opens registration for all 2019 competitions

By Scratch Staff | 14 January 2019 | Events, News

Nailympia Lead

International nail competition, Nailympia, has opened registration for three locations for 2019:

  • Nailympia USA in Houston, Texas (5-7 April 2019)
  • Nailympia Estonia in Tallinn, Estonia (10-12 May 2019)
  • Nailympia London at Olympia Beauty, London (28-30 September 2019)

With a plethora of categories available across multiple divisions, Nailympia offers the opportunity to push your skills in a global playing field and glean feedback from judges; some of the leading techs across the nail sector.

Nailympia prides itself on being a non-biased forum where products and brands have no bearing on the placing of a competitor,” reveals competition director, Alex Fox. “This competition is all about skill and creativity. All skill levels are catered for and the judging system, which has evolved over time, holds true to its original concept of all competitions are judged blind – the judge has no idea who’s work they are assessing and all divisions are judged together in the same manner.

“The judges have no idea which division or competitor they are assessing. This keeps the system fair and even. It also means a Division 1 competitor can win with a higher score than seen in the above divisions – again showcasing that the skills and creativity are assessed on their own merit.”

Explore the categories and register now via