National Nail Tech Price Increase Day: Why it’s helping pros to achieve business success

By Helena Biggs | 08 April 2024 | Events, Movers & Shakers, News

National Nail Tech Price Increase Day 1200

8 April 2024 marks the first National Nail Tech Price Increase Day, a movement launched by The Nail Tech Org to help professionals grow sustainable, profitable businesses.

“It’s the norm for nail techs to join the industry with little or no understanding of how to calculate business costs,” comments Amy Guy, who founded the learning platform and online community in 2020. “We have simply never really had the tools or education to do so, and so many techs copy the industry average for pricing without allowing for their own costs.

“This has led to clients expecting cheap treatments, and so many nail pros feel that they can’t increase their prices for fear of losing their clients to those who charge less. It’s an unfair cycle.”

Amy Guy

Amy Guy, founder of The Nail Tech Org

National Nail Tech Price Increase Day encourages nail professionals to raise their prices simultaneously on or before this date, to send a resounding message about the value of their skills and dedication to their clients.

“If we all raise our prices correctly at the same time, we can create a new normal,” Amy continues. “This normal ensures a fair wage for the work we do and the services that we provide. This isn’t just a campaign; it’s a way to empower nail technicians to run successful, sustainable businesses.”

Amy Guy The Nail Tech Org Desk

The Nail Tech Org has created a free pricing course for its members, which includes a current income calculator, pricing calculator and two masterclasses. It also includes email templates and a client communication kit to help share messages about prices changes with clients. “Once techs have used the tools supplied to understand their reality, and if they feel they need to increase prices, they can do so with the support of a community,” Amy shares.

“They should be unapologetic about raising their prices where needed, and should not feel they need to apologise for wanting to earn a liveable wage. I hope that this movement this will change the trajectory of pricing for nail techs, so that they can earn a fair profit on their hard work.”

Watch Scratch’s interview with Amy below, and click here to try the free pricing course.

*This article was originally published on 15 March 2024.