Need new nail tools? LP Nails has added to its popular range for techs

By Helena Biggs | 30 July 2021 | News, Products & Treatments

lp nail tools

LP Nails has added The Clippers, The Scissors and The Curette to its popular range of professional nail tools.

lp tools 2.0

The brand, created by nail technician, Lucy Pastorelli, has reaped success with The Cuticle KnifeThe Cuticle Pusher and The Cuticle Nipper and the three latest additions are following suit; designed for longevity and optimum hygiene.

The six black tools look sleek in any kit – and The Curette has been designed by Lucy, precision crafted from surgical steel and coated in a diamond-like carbon coating.

Lucy comments: “The LP Curette is designed to effectively remove non-living tissue and debris from the nail plate and cuticle area, and safely clean under the free edge.

“The small scoop end of the tool is to be used around the cuticle area and the side wall of the nail, with minimum pressure required.

“The other end has a unique 90º angle designed to efficiently clean under the free edge of the nail and is a personal favourite to use when working on toes.”

The LP Nails product range by Lucy Pastorelli is available via