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Hook tool launches to prevent fingers touching shared surfaces

By Alex Fox | 01 December 2020 | News, Products & Treatments

The Hoook 1

The pandemic has affected us all differently, from our habits and ideals, to our day to day performing of everyday tasks. With this new landscape in mind, a designer from the UAE has developed a product that brings about a level of calm.

Instead of fretting about who’s touched a door handle or lift button before you arrived to press it yourself, Mahsa Alikhany has developed an innovative little ‘hook’ gadget that travels around with you to help alleviate the stress of touching shared surfaces.

“Perhaps you’ve seen many door openers/button pressers on the market since the beginning of the pandemic that need to get sanitised and cleaned after every use?” asks its designer Mahsa Alikhany.  “Well, I imagined if I could create a gadget to carry around in a bag that didn’t need extra cleaning to do its purpose and therefore was not contaminating other items, it would solve this issue for many people looking to avoid germs.”

The concept of this mini gadget was born from watching people trying to press elevator buttons with their coffee cup, car keys or a piece of tissue. It was with this in mind that Mahsa Alikhany sat at the drawing board to bring her idea to life.

“I designed the Hook with a dynamic leather shield that helps the user not only minimise the touching of surfaces, but in addition, allows them to place the hook next to their personal items in their bag or pocket without having to worry about sanitising it after it’s exposed to public places!”

The Hook’s leather cover opens and closes with a simple click and is then ready for use on pulling open doorknobs or pushing elevator buttons, ATM screens, touchscreens and hoisting up shopping bags, all while eliminating the need for washing or sanitising the hands in that given moment, when it may not be possible.

The Hook can be purchased on line via