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New Romantic Poets releases serene salon vibes

By Alex Fox | 15 January 2021 | News, Products & Treatments

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Gap Music has released Floating on Clouds a first album by The New Romantic Poets. From the delightful opening piano, to the introduction of the magical harp, accompanied along the way by the beautiful clarinet, you really do feel that you are about to hear something very special.

The New Romantic Poets consist of Stuart on piano and guitars, Adele on harp and Alex on clarinet and also piano. This wonderful trio really does work in harmony and produce music of the highest calibre.

There are eight tracks on this debut album, all of which tell a story. With angelic harp, haunting clarinet, dancing piano, chimes ringing in the distance, while strings play softly within the listener’s ear. ‘Floating on Clouds’ is an absolutely stunning first album from The New Romantic Poets.

With titles such as ‘Classicalesque Scapes’, ‘Together in the Moonlight’ and ‘Distant Chimes’… the listener is treated to a labyrinth of sounds with beautiful music that has a lightness and charm like the perfect soufflé, while delivering a message of hope, calm and most of all inner peace…

Floating on Clouds is available from iTunes, Amazon, and all good online-stores, as well as Spotify, Apple Music and all the best streaming platforms.

For further information – Say ‘Hi‘ and email Glenn Payne  at GAP Music & Tantajo Records on