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NHBF explores what the Queen’s Speech means for salons

By Scratch Staff | 19 December 2019 | Movers & Shakers, News

Crown Queen

The Queen has outlined the government’s plans for future legislation with over 30 Bills to be introduced by this Parliament. Topics include Brexit, immigration, the environment, infrastructure, tips, education and training; as well as the government’s plans to increase the National Living Wage (NLW) and reform business rates. Here, the NHBF highlights how the plans could impact or benefit salon businesses:

Brexit and immigration

As the government’s first priority, there is a Bill to implement a withdrawal agreement by the end of January. Free movement will end but resident EU citizens living in the UK will have the right to remain.  A new immigration system will mean EU citizens arriving after January 2021 will be treated similarly to non-EU citizens.  New arrivals will have to contribute to the funding of the NHS. 


A Bill was introduced to protect workers’ rights including greater redundancy protections, extended leave for parents of babies needing neonatal care, the introduction of leave for non-paid carers, more flexible working and ensuring that tips are passed on in full.


The government has confirmed the NLW will increase to around £10.50 an hour for 21 year olds and over by 2024.

Business rates

In good news for salons, the government has said it will reform business rates to protect high streets and the retail discount will give salons a 50% discount on business rates.  

Education & training

There will be an extra £400 million for 16-19 year-old education and additional investment in T levels to support their introduction in 2020 as well as the creation of a £3 billion ‘National Skills Fund’.


An Environment Bill will increase local powers to tackle air pollution, minimise waste, increase recycling, manage water supplies and take more effective action against littering.  There will also be charges for single use plastic items and deposit return schemes will be introduced to reduce the number of plastic bottles entering the waste system.

Hilary Hall, NHBF chief executive

Hilary Hall, NHBF chief executive, comments: “The government had previously announced most of these policies so there was nothing unexpected in the Queen’s Speech.  The news on business rates for salons is promising, especially the increased discount for small businesses. 

“We’re delighted that the government has acknowledged that business rates need a complete overhaul. Salons can also expect more measures to protect the environment, which many salons already support.  The further investment in education and training is also good news.”

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