NHBF releases reopening guide for hair & beauty businesses

By Helena Biggs | 18 May 2020 | Movers & Shakers, News

Nhbf Open Guide

The National Hair & Beauty Federation (NHBF) has released ‘Back to business’ guidelines for hair & beauty salons and barbershops, following the following the publication of the government’s Covid-19 Recovery Strategy.

The guide covers how business owners can recover after the coronavirus lockdown, what safety precautions they will need to take once operating, and how to take financial control of their business.

Hilary Hall

NHBF chief executive Hilary Hall comments: “We strongly believe there is a need for sector-specific guidance for hair, beauty and barbering. We have worked with members, our health & safety team and other industry bodies to develop robust guidelines that show salons and barbershops can operate safely when the time comes to re-open.

“These guidelines have been widely shared with our government contacts. They will also help salons and barbershops make full use of the time available to prepare for reopening.”

NHBF ‘Back to business’ guidelines summary:

Before reopening

There is a lot of work for salons and barbershops to do to ensure their business can return as safely as possible. The NHBF has outlined practical measures that hair and beauty businesses can take, from contacting clients and members of staff, to deep cleaning, completing risk assessments and ordering hygiene supplies.

Health & safety when you reopen

Preparing to open is just the first step, and salons will be urged to take even more stringent cleaning measures than usual to continue to operate safely. This will affect the day-to-day running of a salon including laundry procedures and getting rid of waste, as well as what PPE may be recommended to ensure businesses are ‘Covid Secure’.

Home appointments

The NHBF strongly advises against those who usually work for a salon to offer home appointments, as they may not be covered by their insurance to do this. They are also putting themselves in an environment with no control over the hygiene & safety measures, and moving from one home to another will increase your risk of catching the virus and spreading it to others.

Taking back financial control of your business

Many salons and barbershops will be facing a tricky financial future as they start to rebuild their businesses. The NHBF has published multiple blogs which detail managing all areas of hair and beauty businesses, from cash flow to retail sales. Their Members also benefit from free one to one business coaching.

Chair, space and room renters

54% of people who work in hairdressing and barbering are self-employed and in beauty, 57% are self-employed. Although self-employed people who rent a chair or space are not employees, salon and barbershop owners have health and safety responsibilities for them, especially in a situation where protecting public health is important. The NHBF is also offering advice on any concerns about rent due or owed during lockdown.

Issues with employees and employment law

The NHBF recommend to always seek legal advice if unsure about any employment issue. There is a Members-only guide and webinar on how to get your employees back to work and Members have access to a free 24/7 legal helpline for support.

Additional resources

The NHBF has also created signage about hygiene, and visual reminders about social distancing for Members to display around their salons, as well as reopening risk assessments and daily cleaning checklists for salons to use once open.

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For more information and FAQs, please visit www.nhbf.co.uk/coronavirus and follow the National Hair & Beauty Federation on social media at @nhbfsocial.