NHBF working with government to deliver ‘return to work’ guidelines

By Kat Hill | 05 May 2020 | Movers & Shakers, News


The National Hair & Beauty Federation (NHBF) is working with the government to deliver guidelines for how the hair, beauty and barbering industries can safely return to work.

These will be released in line with the government ‘roadmap’ out of lockdown which is expected to be announced this week.

However, the government is not yet prepared to discuss the times when different industries will be allowed to re-open.

The NHBF is part of a number of working groups made up of trade bodies from a range of different industries. The NHBF has informed the government of industry-wide concerns based on recent survey findings.

This NHBF survey attracted almost 2,000 responses from hair and beauty salons and barbershops. When asked what their biggest worry was about re-opening, 84% of respondents said they were concerned about how to maintain social distancing when working in close physical contact with clients.

Nearly three quarters (74%) were worried about what kind of personal protective equipment (PPE) would be needed, its cost and availability. Almost two thirds (64%) did not want to see business disrupted again by a second wave of coronavirus infections or a second lockdown period.

Hilary Hall, NHBF chief executive

Hilary Hall, NHBF chief executive, comments: “We have taken our survey findings to government at the highest levels, including a round table meeting with Alok Sharma, Secretary of State for Business, about the need for sector-specific guidance that everyone can rely on. These discussions are about how we can return to work safely, not when.

“A key concern for members is PPE, but until the government has issued advice on this important topic, we still cannot answer questions from members about exactly what will be required.”

For more information, please visit www.nhbf.co.uk/coronavirus