Nouveau Lashes partners with Navy Professional to launch 2 limited edition tweezers

By Helena Biggs | 26 April 2022 | News, Products & Treatments

Nouveau Lashes Navy Pro 1200

Lash lifting and extension brand, Nouveau Lashes, has teamed up with beauty toolcare brand, Navy Professional, to launch two limited edition volume lash tweezers.

The Karen Volume Tweezer and Bridgette Boot Tweezer have been named after Nouveau Lashes founders, Karen Betts and Bridgette Softley. Lightweight, they offer superior grip for enhanced precision and accuracy when crafting fluttery fans.

“The Karen volume lash tweezer has an even and larger biting point from tip to base for picking up high-dimension fans with ease, so you can craft faultless fans with consistency and confidence every time,” comments a spokesperson for Nouveau Lashes.

“Perfect for fluttery fans, the thinner, smooth-curved tip of the Bridgette offers super-precise lash pick-up, ideal for crafting more delicate fans with refined precision and grabbing even the lightest of lashes.

“The 90-degree angle base allows the tweezer to sit more flush against the lid when placing lash extensions. Handcrafted to British Standards, both tweezers are made from stainless steel with Navy’s signature gold titanium coating for optimum hygiene.”

Four additional dual-branded tweezers, suitable for classic lashes and isolation, are available via the Nouveau Lashes Pro Shop for a limited time only.

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