NovaLash reveals UK brand ambassadors

By Kat Hill | 09 January 2018 | Movers & Shakers, News

Novalash Brand Ambassadors

NovaLash has revealed its 2018 team of brand ambassadors, four of which are UK based technicians.

NovaLash’s roster includes Andrea McQuade, Zoe Kinnear, Evonne McMillan, Sarah-Anne Barham. Their new roles will see the brand ambassadors will work as a team and the face of the company. The new ambassadors will be on hand to support the brand’s growth through their online presence, trade shows as well as being available as industry experts for interviews and quotes.

“I have been working with Novalash products for seven years and am so proud to represent a brand I love,” says Andrea McQuade. “Without NovaLash, my lash extension services would not be such a huge success. The fact that the adhesive is oil proof and waterproof is a big selling point for me, and my clients love this about their lashes.”

“I’ve been using NovaLash for ten years,” Evonne McMillan says. “I have total faith in NovaLash and 100% confidence in the product, knowing it will never let me down. As a brand amabassidor, I get to share this experience with others.”