Offer strength and durability with INK London Rubber Top Coat

By Kat Hill | 30 October 2018 | News, Products & Treatments

Ink London Top Flubber rubber Top Coat

INK London has revealed Top Flubber Rubber Top Coat

Providing strength and a super shiny finish, the top coat has been designed to offer strength and longevity.

Its formula claims to also help to absorb the shock from the daily wear and tear, making it ideal for heavy handed clients.

The top coat has a thinner consistency compared to its partner Flubber Rubber Base.

The Top Flubber can be used over any INK London system and cures in 30 seconds in the INK LUX48 LED Lamp.

The top coat is also a soak off product and available in a 15ml bottle and brush format. A five-pack is also available.

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