Podiatrist awarded MBE for professional services to podiatry

By Kat Hill | 08 February 2018 | Movers & Shakers, News

Dr Bharti Rajput

Doctor Bharti Rajput Phd has been awarded an MBE for her professional services to podiatry and the economy in Dundee, Scotland.

Known as Dr B to her patients and colleagues, the director and podiatrist at the Dundee-based clinic, Sole Body Soul, aims to ‘reinvent the delivery of foot care’, with a ‘focus on the form, function and beauty of the feet’. The clinic provides chiropody and podiatry services, as well as beauty treatments, including manicures and pedicures. From the clinic’s beauty lounge, lash, brow, massage and waxing treatments are available.

Dr Bharti’s role with in the community has seen her support charitable and social activities, as well as become an ambassador for Women’s Enterprise Scotland, which helps to strengthen the Scottish economy by creating an environment where women-led business can flourish.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I ever even think of being awarded with an MBE,” says Dr Bharti. “I just love what I do and every day is a dream job day. When I think of feet, I think of people’s lives and how with freedom in your steps every day you can become truly the person you were born to be.

“A massive thank you to the person – who is still unknown – who went through the stringent nomination process who believed I deserve the award and took the time to apply for it. I am even more encouraged to use my knowledge, expertise and dedication to have more of those embarrassing foot conversations and bring feet to the forefront of health, starting from the ground up.”