Practice nail designs on paper with The Peachy Colouring Book

By Helena Biggs | 24 March 2021 | News, Products & Treatments

Courtney Lee Peachy Colouring Book

Courtney Jade, a nail technician from Cork, Ireland, has created The Peachy Colouring Book within which pros can sketch and showcase design ideas.

The pages feature outlines of hands and nails amongst various illustrated setups.

“The book is a collection of illustrations I made based on things that I love to paint on nails,” Courtney reveals. “Some of the backgrounds are abstract and others are based on my nail studio as I wanted it to reflect my business.”

Courtney began her nail industry journey in 2018 and soon after she qualified, worked on a self employed basis. Her client base grew rapidly to include those that love quirky and colourful nail art. “I love the challenge that some of the requests bring,” she continues.

“I decided to create The Peachy Colouring Book to bring a bit of fun to the lives of other nail techs and help them take time for themselves and relax.

“I had full creative control over the process; from the page designs to the printing, and the feedback so far has been great. Clients will love flicking through to a glimpse into the arty side of the nail industry.”

The Peachy Colouring Book can be shipped across the UK & Ireland and is available via

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