Protect skin with Payot’s Blue Techni Liss range

By Helena Biggs | 29 October 2018 | News, Products & Treatments


Skin and body care brand, Payot, has launched a range of products to help combat the effects of blue light on the skin.

Its research has shown that blue light from screens impacts on sleeping patterns, with the body feeling less difference between day and night. This in turn can encourage premature wrinkles, dehydrated skin and a dull complexion.

The Payot Blue Techni Liss range has been formulated to fight the effects of desynchronised skin biorhythms, allowing the cells to regenerate easily.

The range features:

  • Blue Techni Liss Concentre – a serum with a gel texture that offers a daily boost with three sources of hyaluronic acid for visibly smooth, plumped skin and filled lines and wrinkles.
  • Blue Techni Liss Jour – a cream to help fight daily aggressions and protect from the effects of blue light while wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed.
  • Blue Techni Liss Regard – protects the fragile eye contour area while smoothing eye wrinkles and fine lines. It helps to combat dark circles.
  • Blue Techni Liss Nuit – this regenerating gel texture transforms into an oil upon contact with skin to regenerate skin while you sleep.
  • Blue Techni Liss Week-End – a 100% natural and recyclable 15-minute sheet mask to smooth wrinkles and renew the skin’s texture.

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