Raiser of standards to launch management courses for hair & beauty

By Helena Biggs | 30 September 2017 | News

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CEO and founder of PHAB Standard, Nergish Wadia-Austin, has returned from a five-year sabbatical to offer business management training courses to the hair and beauty industries.

From January 2018, Nergish will be providing an updated curriculum of training courses for hair & beauty salon, spa, nail bar and barbershop managers all over the world.

Nergish has spent the last three months, in salons, spas and barbershops in the UK and Europe to find out exactly what sort of hurdles hair and beauty businesses face today. This very practical research and insight has spurred her on to update her courses accordingly.

“These past 3 months have been a real gift to me where generous salon managers have welcomed me into their businesses & have openly & frankly talked about the difficulties faced by them today,” she comments. “They have been discussing their concerns, successes, hurdles, rising costs & staffing issues as well as the impact of the internet on their booking systems, their reporting processes & retailing.

“I have had the privilege of seeing all these issues first hand and I feel I am now able to offer practical, easy to implement solutions to managers to overcome and use these to their advantage.”

As a result of this, Nergish intends to release a limited number of dates in the year and has opened them up to hair and beauty manufacturers, distributors and salons alike. They will be booked on a first come, first served basis.

Nergish’s updated business management course titles will continue to be:

  • Increasing Customer Spend
  • Leadership & Teamwork
  • Promoting Products, People & Services
  • Recruitment & Interviewing Skills
  • Nergish’s speciality ‘on site training’ for an entire salon team remains, The team Rah Rah day!

For further information or to book dates please contact Nergish Wadia-Austin on + 44 (0) 208 840 9070 or email her directly on info@phabstandard.comwww.phabstandard.com