Recycled nail jewellery walks Vivienne Westwood AW19 runway

By Kat Hill | 19 February 2019 | Events, News

Vivienne Westwood

Sunday saw myself and Scratch’s editor-in-chief attend the much anticipated Vivienne Westwood AW19 showcase at St John’s Smith Square, Westminster.

The nail team was lead by Marian Newman, who worked with the CND™ Design Lab Team to ensure the models were ready to walk the runway. The team decorated the model’s nails and fingers with recycled metallic materials. In various shapes and styles, each model was individual. Designed to reiterate one of the show’s messages of lies, the nail jewellery was designed to look like precious gold and silver from a distance, when in reality they are recycled metallic materials.

The show used the catwalk to address important issues, such as climate change, consumerism, free-speech and current politic affairs, including economics and Brexit. The show’s programme stated: ‘We’re talking this show, we’re walking this show’.

The runway saw the new collection from the British designer, but also a host of microphoned guests that paused the showcase with speeches. Actress & #MeToo activist, Rose McGowan, wore a crown emblazoned with ‘Angel’ and told the room “we need more heroes” in reference to the #MeToo movement. Greenpeace’s John Sauven took to the stage to make a political-charged speech; “We aim to save the arctic.”

A myriad of prints, slogans and check patterns walked the runway, as well as a model wearing a long prosthetic nose styled as the character Pinocchio. “Fashion is all about styling, buy less, choose well, make it last,” another model stated.

Westwood closed the show with serious words; “Something has to happen this year.”

Watch the show below!

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