RefectoCil opens its first Brow & Lash Bar

By Sophie Nutt | 08 March 2019 | Movers & Shakers, News

Untitled Design

RefectoCil has opened its first Brow & Lash Bar in Vienna, Austria.

Distributed exclusively in the UK by Salon System, the brand provides lash and brow tint for the industry. CEO of GW Cosmetics, Rainer Deisenhammer, and Ultimativ Group masterminds, Andres and Patrick Raitz, have had a successful partnership with RefectoCil for many years and decided developing ‘Austria’s First Brow & Lash Bar by RefectoCil’ was the next logical step.

The black, pink, pistachio and rosé decor was developed in Vienna as a signature project based on designs by creative directors, And Lackner and Alma Milcic, in association with RefectoCil.

“Eyebrows are an essential part of the face and can have a huge positive influence on the overall expression and vibe,” says make-up and brow artist Alma Milcic, who is also the face of the campaign. “Styling and caring for natural brows and lashes in the right way improves well-being and brings out the qualities of an individuality of the face shape.

“The hype around tattoo brows, fake lashes and over-plucking has long gone and been replaced by a natural look that relies on shaping, the right care and the quality of the tint. One new development is the use of plant-based tints like RefectoCil, which are particularly well tolerated and suitable for those with allergies.”

The shop houses three treatment chairs and offers services including:

  • Brow Styling Journey: includes analysis and determination of brow shape, styling, personalised tint, massage and mask and gloss treatment with colour protection.
  • Lash Styling: includes personalised tinting, lash lifting or lash curl, deep treatment, growth serum, colour protection and gloss treatment lasting five to six weeks.
  • Fake Lash Detox Treatment: includes a comprehensive consultation followed by creation of a treatment plan. With every colour treatment, the eye area is pampered with a mask and finished with a growth serum and application of colour protection and gloss treatment.
  • Girl Brow: for girls under the age of 18 where the brows are suitably styled.
  • Brows For Him: for men, where the eyebrows are trimmed and given a new shape.