Remedy damaged nails with Zoya Gelie-Cure

By Sophie Nutt | 23 September 2020 | News, Products & Treatments

Zoya Gelie Cure

Zoya has launched Gelie-Cure – a three-step system to treat and protect damaged nails. What’s more, the system creates an ideal foundation for colour application, boasting a smooth finish.

Comprising Rescue Serum, Repair Base and Naked Gelie, the system is an addition to Zoya’s Naked Manicure range for natural nails. The Rescue Serum and Repair Base work together to provide a long-term treatment and instant visual improvement for damaged nails. When sealed with the Naked Gelie – dubbed by the brand as the ‘Gelie-Cure Foundation’ – a paintable treatment layer is created.

The Gelie-Cure system is designed to support the nail’s natural healing process while also improving the appearance of the nail. The products can also be used as a base for traditional manicures and the Rescue Serum can be used on its own as a daily cuticle treatment.

Rescue Serum
The Rescue Serum mimics and supports the nail’s own hydration mechanism. The serum revitalises the nail by replenishing the sebum on the natural nail plate while filling the open spaces in the keratin fibres and improving strength and flexibility. Designed to improve strength and flexibility in even the most damaged keratin, it is to be used as a cushion under the Repair base.

Repair Base
The Repair Base formula adheres to the nail plate and uses a pinpoint mechanism to secure the Rescue Serum into the keratin layers of nail and keep it intact for long-term results. Invisible filler strengthen the nail while optical diffusers brighten to boost appearance.

Naked Gelie
Naked Gelie is an ultra-light, self-levelling, flexible and fileable demi-gel that locks in the treatment via a 60-second LED cure. The nail is left with a high-shine finish and extended wear. The formula adheres to the Repair Base and boasts two-minute removal using Zoya Remove+.

When starting treatment, it is recommended that Gelie-Cure application is carried out once a week for three weeks to allow the Rescue Serum to deeply penetrate the nail plate.

  1. Prep the nail
  2. Apply Rescue Serum
  3. Apply Repair Base
  4. Apply Naked Gelie
  5. Cure
  6. Apply Zoya Clear Shine

If desired, colour can be applied using Zoya Nail Polish followed by Zoya Naked Manicure Glossy Seal top coat and the Zoya Fast Drops. The colour coat can be removed (using Remove+) and reapplied up to two times without removing the Gelie-Cure Foundation.

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Watch the Zoya Gelie-Cure basic foundation application below.