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Revealed: Harry Styles is inspiring men to get manicures

By Rebecca Hitchon | 24 November 2021 | Movers & Shakers, News

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Harry Styles has always been an advocate for the male manicure but since launching his beauty brand, Pleasing, offering nail and skincare products, how the pop star bends gender norms within the beauty sphere has been in the spotlight more than ever. And it’s done more than create a talking point: men have been more inspired to get manicures.

According to LookFantastic, searches for ‘male manicure designs’ have increased by 457% and there has been an incredible 3,329% increase in searches for ‘easy male nail art’.

Google research shared by LookFantastic highlights the four top male manicure trends that users are searching for.

With searches increasing by over 700%, ‘black nails’ top male manicure searches. In second place is ‘smiley face nails’, which has seen searches increase by 550%, followed by ‘flame nails’ with a 376% increase and finally, ‘pastel nails’.

Harry Styles’ influence on the male nail space is clear, with each of these styles synonymous with playful nail looks sported by the pop star, not to mention Pleasing’s range of pearl-inspired nail shades which include pastels and a black.

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