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Revealed: The European cities that are best for beauty lovers

By Emma Hobday | 24 August 2021 | News

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Are you a self-proclaimed beauty obsessive? Want to know which European city is best to head to for beauty facilities? Longevita has created a ranking of European cities based on the average rating for beauty services, and the number of services per person.

In first place with an impressive score of 9.65/10 is Düsseldorf, Germany. This city in the west of the country is known for its fashion and beauty, and boasts 48 hairdressers per 100,000 people.

Tied for second place are Paris, France and Zaragoza in Spain. While Zaragoza has higher average ratings for waxing, nails, and hair, Paris has more hairdressers and beauty shops.

Third place is a tie between Helsinki and Berlin, both with a score of 9.38. Helsinki may be the place to be if you need an appointment fast, as it has the highest number of both hairdressers (76) and beauty shops (34) per 100,000 people, meaning that getting an appointment should be no problem.

Sadly, Longevita’s worst polled place for beauty junkies is Bristol, UK, with a score of just 1.61/10. With only four hairdressers per 100,000 people, those looking for an emergency cut or to top up their roots may find themselves with a long wait.

Other UK cities include:

· Nottingham in 14th place with a score of 8.34/10

· London comes in 23rd with a score of 6.97/10

· Sheffield comes in 33rd with a score of 6.64/10

· Birmingham comes in 39th with a score of 4.07/10

· Liverpool comes in 47th with a score of 1.77/10