SALON IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Celina Rydén, Sweden

By Kat Hill | 07 March 2018 | News

Celina Ryden

Hailing from Sweden, Celina Rydén’s nail work sees a slick ‘Scandinavian style’; “My clients choose classy, elegant nails with a pop of nail art,” Celina reveals. “My clientele tends to go with the seasonal colours, but are not afraid to try out new things. All my clients are very different; some will always request super, long extreme shapes with a lot of nail art, while some wear short, natural nails with natural colours. My speciality would be nail art using all kinds of media but preferably gel paint and Swarovski crystals.”

Having previously rented nail desks, last year saw Celina decide to take the plunge and seek a space of her own. Currently in the process of finalising her studio for clients, Celina plans to use the new space to take her role of educator to the next level. “I’m currently in the middle an exciting move for my business. I can’t wait to have my own studio ready and to record my first video or having my first nail art class in there! Thankfully my business is growing and this was a perfect step for me to take.

“The studio hopefully reflect me as a person. I want it to be very bright and welcoming and I want everyone that comes in to feel right at home. Just kick off your shoes, make some tea at the tea and coffee station, cuddle up in the sofa and watch some TV before jumping into the nail chair. I love interior design and I am going to mix the classic Scandinavian clean style with unexpected details with lots of personality
“I want to stay with the airy and light feeling of the studio and that’s why and want to incorporate the clean Scandinavian style with different natural materials. I think the decor of the salon will make people feel very at home and comfortable. My wish is that they don’t even want to leave and that they’ll grab another cup of tea and chill in the sofa before leaving.”