Salon System shows support for Hair & Beauty Charity

By Sophie Nutt | 08 July 2020 | Movers & Shakers, News

Hair & Beauty Charity Salon System

Salon System has it’s support and sponsorship of the industry’s Hair & Beauty Charity.

The UK-based organisation is the official charity of the hair and beauty industries; an independent service dedicated solely to helping hair and beauty professionals in their hour of need. The charity offers financial support to individuals and their families facing difficult times due to unforeseen circumstances such as bereavement, illness and financial hardship.

Throughout the year the charity hosts a range of fundraising events including the Hair & Beauty Charity Ball, a dedicated fundraising week, golf days, bike rides and an annual raffle.

“We are proud to be supporting the Hair & Beauty Charity, a charity dedicated to our industry that enables us as a company to give back,” says Kathy Holroyd, marketing director at Salon System. “This charity is a real lifeline for professionals who’ve fallen on hard times and need financial support to see them through. We’ll be looking to support the charity through fundraising initiatives internally and spreading the word about the great things the charity is undertaking.”

Samantha Grocutt, Hair & Beauty Charity president, adds: “The charity’s team is very grateful for the support that Salon System is giving us. The charity rebranded in Autumn 2019 to incorporate the wider beauty community. Salon System is the first – of many, I hope – professional beauty brands to join us as an official sponsor. We help many therapists with financial support each year and are looking to support more, year-on-year. The more people in the industry who know about the work we do, will mean that we can increase our donations but also support those who need help.”

The Hair & Beauty Charity attracts around 300 applications per year and has supported 54 applications as a direct result of the Covid-19 crisis. Watch Scratch‘s interview with Samantha Grocutt on Scratch‘s IGTV to find out how this charity has been supporting the industry during the crisis and the different ways you can get involved.