Saloncide proven effective against Covid-19

By Kat Hill | 22 April 2021 | News, Products & Treatments


Saloncide has been independently tested and clinically proven to be effective against coronavirus.

Results from clinical testing show the alcohol-free, antimicrobial disinfectant spray, specially created for the beauty industry, is effective against all enveloped viruses – including Covid-19 at 99.99% within two minutes.

Once sprayed there is no wiping required, the solution creates a protective barrier on both surfaces and skin.

The formula is available in a number of dispensing options, including sprays, foam pumps, wipes and refills, to suit all needs.

Saloncide is not only a surface or equipment disinfectant but can also be used for sanitising hands

With the results comes Saloncide’s Salon Safe Campaign, which aims to challenge the way the industry approaches sanitation.
The campaign shares resources, including guides ands social media content, to reassure clients and staff members alike.
An online, fully interactive e-learning course is also available. It explains how Saloncide can be used effectively to create a clean, hygienic workplace.
“We will support as many salons as we can, with that added guarantee that we can eradicate Covid-19 from equipment and premises,” says Saloncide co-founder, Neal Eason. “Giving clients the confidence to book and teams the reassurance to feel safe to work.”

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