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Sam Biddle to Host Online Education Platform

By Alex Fox | 24 November 2020 | News, Products & Treatments

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Nail artist, international educator, judge, mentor & expert, Sam Biddle is known industry-wide to innovate and adjust, pivoting her business to accommodate the growing needs of the industry.

Over the years she’s created a stable home for online education and built a thriving online membership with continued feedback and support. With the success of the first ‘30 nails in 30 days’ collaboration with esteemed educators worldwide, Sam realised this year the growing need for online education.

In fact the demand for it inspired her next move for Be Inspired online and has launched something to support nail techs and educators all over the world.

For the past six years Be Inspired online has built a very successful online academy, with over 29 Sam Biddle courses and other well known educator courses as part of its extensive education portfolio.  “I know what it takes to deliver a course and how much work is involved in the process,” relays Sam. “At the beginning of this year I put a brand new system in place and updated the website.  The idea was to become a ‘home’ for online education, not just for ‘Sam Biddle’ courses,  but for other nail professionals looking to subsidise their income or branch out into online, due to the restrictions of face to face right now.”

Sam Biddle understands that marketing, websites and technology are not every nail tech’s jam, but it is hers, and so with the help of her small team Sams is now collaborating with nail educators who want to provide a professional level of education.

The new website has been built to allow students to purchase and access their courses through their own dashboard, adding and building to their online portfolio of education. Before it was all about the students, but today Sam is launching something, which gives educators in all fields an opportunity to publish and produce their own professional online education.

Sam is looking to help and support nail techs access the potential of online education, to give educators a home and be able to provide their own education and share their skills to a wider audience.

Filming some nail art is just a small step in giving nail professionals a cohesive education. Facebook lives are not a place to provide professional education and manually adding people to groups for a month is time consuming and complicated. The ultimate stumbling block is the expense of building their own password protected site.

Sam has managed to build a family and network of educators, as a collaborative for a greater good. Each partner doing what they do best as Sam will take over the technical side of launching a course and leave the educator the space to be creative and inspiring.


“Launching new courses over the coming months, I’m excited to announce the arrival of Paula Spencer’s brand new Disney Princess in detail course, the accredited courses from Melanie Lewendon’s eduMats courses, Katie Barnes E manicure and Gel Polish courses and Rebecca Orme’s Lifting series,” enthuses Sam. “These are not just nail art courses there is a brand new category on Be inspired online –  nail technology. However, nail art is what we love and so i’m working with talented educators and award-winning nail artists like  Scarlett Senter, Rebecca Issac, Guin Deadman and Claire Bear, who’s courses should be available very soon. Building categories for courses in beauty, lashes, art and crafts, Be Inspired online will become the place for creatives to learn.

“The courses these educator’s catalogues provide are varied, and the aim is to give nail professionals access to their favourite educator and try out people they may not know. With the ’30 nails in 30 days’ project, this is an ideal opportunity for nail techs to taste test the next online course they may want to try. The brand new ’30 nails and 30 days’ project has been confirmed and its educators will be announced before the end of the year.”

Sam Biddle is excited about this new development, it is the next stage to the growth of Be Inspired online, working with talented nail techs all over the world, launching their courses and mentoring them to film the perfect lessons, market themselves and develop the best possible education to their students; this is Sam’s jam. Leaving the educators to craft the perfect lessons for the techs.

Learn more or join the family of inspired educators by contacting Sam at –

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Here’s what the educators’ say…



The Be Inspired education collaboration is a fabulous opportunity for students and educators alike, students benefit from a range of quality skill set lessons from a number of educators to further their own skills both in the salon and on the competition floor, while educators have the opportunity to reach students that may not have come across their work or their classes in the past. This means I’m able to reach many more students than I could possibly see within the classroom from all over the globe. Sharing my love of nails and the skills I’ve gained is a privilege and I’m so excited and honoured to be part of this amazing opportunity. We are stronger when we work together and I personally love working as part a team and working with such great educators, all sharing ideas and experience for the development of the student and the industry. I feel that this unique collaboration will allow me to develop my own skills as an educator moving forward for the benefit of my students.  



I cannot put into words what this opportunity means to me; it’s simply breathtaking. From the moment I spoke to Sam, I’ve been super excited at the thought of sharing my talent with other techs. I’ve many followers in the UK and overseas who ask me daily for online training and now thanks to Sam I’m able to offer this. So many techs out there struggle with 3D and give up,  my aim is to make it easy for everyone as it really is easy when you know the right techniques



I’m super excited to be part of Sam’s new course collaboration . As a busy educator, I struggle with the social media aspect of courses and the know-how of how to host them, so this is absolutely perfect.


I’ve wanted to do online education for a few years now, but was overwhelmed by all that would be required on the technical side; website hosting, sales, security and such. This opportunity with Be Inspired allows me to focus on the teaching side without having to stress about the other stuff. I’m excited to share my nail skills with the world!


I was genuinely excited when Sam called me with a new idea she had percolating in her mind! Now my course is online and there are more to come in early 2021 on the new education platform Sam has created, which is amazing!

I’m thrilled to be part of this new venture and I will now concentrate my courses around underlying essential knowledge, structure, the technical aspects of nails and the practical aspects of troubleshooting in the salon, which fits perfectly alongside the art and design Sam and my fellow educators offer so well.


I’m so excited to be taking part in this amazing event ! 30 Nails in 30 days ! what a fabulous concept, I can’t wait to be able to share my knowledge and skills of all things nails . I love to help people improve their skills and to watch their development and confidence grow!


To be a part of the Be Inspired online offering is such an amazing opportunity and I can’t wait to get started. I’m excited to teach for this collaboration alongside such amazing nail artists. I’m hoping to help nail techs push their skills and boundaries and help them succeed!