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Seth Rogen matches nails to ashtray with enhancements by Nails By Mei

By Rebecca Hitchon | 28 April 2022 | Celebrity, News

Seth Rogen

First we saw celebrities matching their jewellery to their nails. Now, the idea of matching nail looks to your accessories has been taken to a new level, thanks to Seth Rogen.

The Canadian actor, who co-founded cannabis company Houseplant in 2019, posted a video on his Instagram showcasing the brand’s latest release, a handmade green and blue gloopy textured ashtray. In it, he debuts matching nail enhancements created by New York based, Japanese nail artist Mei Kawajiri, aka Nails By Mei, who is known for her unexpected and eye-catching nail designs exploring different textures and dimensions.

Courtesy of @nailsbymei

To achieve the matching ashtray nail style, Mei mixed several blue and green polishes together to form the perfect colour match.

Talking to Dazed Beauty, she revealed that Seth Rogen’s team were seeking a fun and surprising nail look for the project and discussed matching the design of the ashtray but extending the nails to create drama.

“The gloopy design is a fun way to use colour and add in texture without being so serious,” the nail artist commented. “Seth loves his gloopy nails. He told me he has been wearing them for two days now and that everyone loves them.”