Sheffield salon stars in E4’s Super Salon TV show

By Sophie Nutt | 17 September 2018 | Movers & Shakers, News

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Sheffield-based salon, the StyleBar, is opening it’s doors to the nation by starring in it’s own reality TV series on E4, revealing the trials and triumphs that come with running such a business.

Inspired by the sheer size of the salon, the TV series has been dubbed The Super Salon and the first episode airs tonight (Monday 17 September) at 10pm.

Family affair
Since opening its doors in June 2014, the StyleBar has been priding itself on offering a five-star service in a luxury environment that spreads over 3,500 square meters, across two floors. Home to three departments: the StyleBar, the NailBar and the BeautyBar, the setup offers a vast array of treatments to suit the needs of every individual.

Founded by siblings and co-owners, Dan and Cherise Hatfield, the StyleBar celebrates beauty in every form and strives to create a fun and sumptuous environment that invites clients to relax and feel pampered. “Even though it is a big salon, we ensure that the personal touch isn’t lost,” assures Victoria Blair, the general manager at StyleBar. “We know our clients well and they are made to feel a part of the StyleBar family. We are down to earth and love to have fun, as we often have themed weekend events and parties for clients!”

“Our series will show how accessible the hair and nail industry really is and what amazing treatments, products and brands are available,” – Victoria Blair, general manager at StyleBar.

The unique combination of size, glamour and ambience at the StyleBar has earned the space this special reality TV show slot, which will see four one-hour episodes. “The co-owner of the salon, Dan Hatfield, is also a pawnbroker and has previously starred in the Channel 4 programme, Posh Pawnbrokers,” explains Victoria. “The executive producer of that programme had visited the salon during filming and was blown away by the amazing setting, larger-than-life characters and unique clients.”

It was this discovery of the salon by the production team that planted the seed for a television series, giving the StyleBar a chance to show the glamorous side of Sheffield that is serious about beauty. Upon being told about the series, Victoria and the rest of the StyleBar team – of which there are nearly 50 – confess to a mixture of excitement, curiosity and trepidation. “When the salon was rigged with cameras, at first many of us felt very conscious; but that soon went away and everyone began to enjoy and have fun with the whole experience. We were a little sad when filming came to an end.”

The aim
Hoping to highlight the exuberant personality of the salon and its team, the StyleBar aims to humanise the beauty industry, as well as educate the public of its potential. “Our series will show how accessible the hair and nail industry really is and what amazing treatments, products and brands are available,” beams Victoria. “Some people dread getting their hair or nails done, but our show will hopefully illustrate the human side to our industry and will perhaps help people relax and be more open to trying new treatments and enjoying the overall experience of a salon.

“Look out for each of our end of episode parties, which were always a highlight and so funny to film. Each party was unique and so much fun as we had to work so hard and such long hours to get to them. It was a chance to let our hair down and knock back a few glasses of prosecco – even though we don’t normally need an excuse to do that!”

The Super Salon was commissioned by head of formats, Dom Bird, Simone Haywood and Kate Maddigan, commissioning editors for Formats at Channel 4. It is a Frieda TV production from executive, Jon Lloyd. 

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