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Silver-ion technology for self-cleaning shared surfaces for salon door handles & hand rails

By Alex Fox | 03 May 2021 | News, Products & Treatments

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UK firm, SDA Cleanzone, sees boom in demand for innovative self-cleaning antimicrobial surfaces since businesses seek to open safely.

SDA Cleanzone, based in Manchester, has seen demand soar as companies install their antimicrobial surfaces to shared touch points in the workplace.

MDs Adam Beaumont and Marc Carey are aiming to double the size of the business over the next month by buying additional equipment and employing more staff.  “Our passion is helping businesses provide a safer workplace for both employees and customers. Over the past several weeks we’ve seen a huge increase in sales since the start of the re-opening phase for many retailers.

“We are truly grateful that places are reopening and whilst we believe the virus is not going away soon, we understand the need to interrupt transmission as much as possible. We understand the importance that businesses reopening, such as coffee shops, hair and nail salons, need their working life to continue as normal as possible.  The idea is that using our continuously cleaning surfaces alongside a regular cleaning protocol will create a safer environment for both staff and customers.”

SDA Cleanzone has already landed contracts and orders in many European countries and can be seen in a wide variety of buildings across the UK. Clients include Amazon, Twillio, Royal Theatre Liverpool and Specsavers as well as smaller businesses on the high street including coffee shops and salons.

The Manchester-based company supplies antimicrobial cleaning surfaces, which are placed on shared surfaces throughout buildings including entrances and internal doors.

The stick-on surfaces contain silver-ion technology, which removes common contaminants and bacteria within minutes of contact.

Since launching, SDA Cleanzone has been working around the clock to bring as many touch surfaces to production to meet the demand. The technology is being used in a wide range of settings including universities, offices and laboratories.

How silver-ion technology works …

Powered by an innovative antimicrobial technology, silver-ions remove and block the growth of any bacteria or contaminants, including viruses on the surface.

In simple terms, this technology removes any bacteria or viruses from the surface within minutes of contact, creating a safer and cleaner environment by protecting high-traffic touch points.

✔ Installation in seconds

✔ Safe on skin

✔ Easy to Replace

✔ Works 24/7


Prices start at £7.95 for standard door handle wraps, while door push pads are £8.95.

Check out the range here :