Spa reveals on-site environmental initiatives

By Kat Hill | 21 March 2018 | Feature, News, Salon & Spas

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Titanic Spa is aiming to help tackling the crisis of single-use plastic by launching an environmental initiative to cut the use of plastic bottles, straws and cups.

The Huddersfield spa has teamed up with members of Natural Kirklees’ Environmental Alliance and volunteers from Huddersfield pharmaceutical company, Thornton & Ross, to clear Lowestwood Pond. After finding and removing over 500 plastic water bottles, several bags of waste were sent to be recycled. When not recycled, single use plastics can take around 1,000 years to decompose, infiltrating our water systems and endangering the local wildlife.

Stunned by the volume of plastic bottles that were found in the pond, the team at Titanic Spa decided to activate its no-plastic initiative with immediate effect. Stopping the use of single-use plastic bottles, cups and straws in the spa and replacing with recyclable paper alternatives, Titanic Spa hopes to spread the message. The spa is also introducing more eco-friendly, re-useable water bottles with its logo and that can filled up directly from the natural water source on site and taken home to keep.

The new eco-initiative at Titanic Spa is in keeping with the spa’s existing eco credentials. Powered by solar panels and kept a comfortable temperature year-round with Low U value windows, Titanic Spa also uses its natural water spring to fill the swimming pools and plunge pools with fresh water. Towels are cleaned on site using an OTEX laundry system, an energy efficient system used by many hospitals to powerfully clean on a low temperature, and with ozonated water to disinfect materials gently.