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Speed up your services with Gelish Soft Gel Tips

By Callie Iley | 15 July 2022 | News, Products & Treatments

12599 Gel Softgel Mediumround Handwgelbottle2

Gelish has partnered with Aprés to create the ‘next generation’ of full coverage soft gel tips.

These break-resistant soft gel tips extend the strength to the centre of the tip, creating a more durable design from arch to free edge.

Intended to feel like natural nails using Aprés jelly-like material, the tips come pre-shaped for speed of application, with a full set being able to be created in 20 minutes or less.

Each box contains 550 per box with 11 fit sizes from 00-10, in seven ready-to-wear styles.

Styles include:

  • Short round
  • Medium round
  • Medium square
  • Medium coffin
  • Medium stiletto
  • Long coffin
  • Long stiletto

Gelish Soft Gel Tips in Medium Square

Designed with a Flexi-fit soft gel to mirror the contour of the natural nail, these tips offer a seamless contact area for a perfect seal and snag-free fit for up to 21 days.

Fully customisable using the colour and system of your choice, little to no filing is necessary with Gelish’s soft gel tips.

How to apply:

  1. Size your tips.
  2. File underside of the tip and apply one coat of Tip Primer.
  3. Apply Tip Primer to clean, natural nail and air dry.
  4. Apply Soft Gel Tip Adhesive to tips.
  5. Place and hold tip onto the nail.
  6. Flash cure for 5 seconds then repeat.
  7. Cure all 5 nails for 60 seconds in 18G LED Light or 30 seconds in Touch LED Light.
  8. Soak off for removal.

Gelish Soft Gel Tips in Medium Stiletto

The tips are best used with Gelish’s Tip Primer, a non-acid based primer ensuring maximum adhesion to the natural nail, and the brand’s non-damaging, soak off and bubble-free Soft Gel Tip Adhesive.

Gelish Tip Primer and Soft Gel Tip Adhesive available separately or as a duo

Speed up your application with the Gelish Touch LED Light, a portable, touch-activated curing light designed to allow techs to maintain application position and pressure while flash curing.

With a battery charge indicator and a rechargeable 24 hours of battery, this ergonomic design offers fast and even flash curing.

Gelish Soft Gel Basix Kit contains the essentials from start to finish, and is perfect for new Gelish users

Gelish Soft Gel Tips are available from Georgie Smedley Group.