Stay safe & on brand with personalised salon sanitiser machines

By Helena Biggs | 24 December 2020 | News, Products & Treatments

Sanitiser Machine 1200

Embrace a marketing opportunity for your business with a personalised sanitising unit from Killis.

Available in three sizes, the dispensers help keep you and your clients protected from bacteria and viruses such as coronavirus.

What’s more, Killis is offering 15% OFF a personalised unit for Scratch readers until 31 March 2021.

The units available for personalisation are the Free Standing option and Wall Mounted option. Once artwork is confirmed, the personalised units can be ready within five working days.

Also available is a small white automatic dispenser and two sanitiser options for the units; an alcohol-free foam sanitiser and 70% alcohol sanitiser.

Free standing unit

Pictured in main shot is Charli Jepson, head of education for Glitterbels and owner of Charli & The Beauty Factory, with her personalised free standing sanitiser unit.

This unit features an automatic dispenser with easy refill system and 1 litre capacity. Easy to keep clean, its dimensions are 170cm x 40cm x 20cm.

These units are £296.65 + VAT each plus £89 + VAT for own branding.

*SCRATCH OFFER: Killis is offering 15% OFF the units and 50% off own branding – so the total is £296.65 + VAT with code Scratch15

Wall Mounted Station

Limited floor space? The wall mounted dispenser offers a compact approach and features automatic dispenser. Its dimensions are 20.4cm x 40cm x 70.6cm.

These units are £160.65 + VAT – not including branding.

*SCRATCH OFFER: Killis is offering Scratch readers a branded wall mounted dispenser for £181.05 + VAT with code Scratch15

Small White Automatic Dispenser

This automatic dispenser is wall mountable and has a 1 litre capacity. Easy to refill, it has an infrared sensor and is battery operated. Dimensions are 25cm x x 11cm.

Standard cost is £39.60 + VAT.

*SCRATCH OFFER: Killis is offering the automatic dispenser to Scratch readers for £33.66 + VAT with code Scratch15

Buyers must specific whether liquid or foam options are desired with each unit.

5L Foaming Alcohol Free sanitiser is £19.50 + VAT  and Alcohol Gel Sanitiser £13.65 + VAT.

Visit to purchase and use code Scratch15 for 15% off the entire basket. 

Alternatively, email to discuss options.