Suffering from nail separation? ACESO™ system delivers targeted results for picture-perfect nails

By Helena Biggs | 28 May 2024 | News, Products & Treatments

Aceso Client Kit

Are you or your clients suffering from nail separation? From the creators of IBX & Dadi’Oil comes ACESO™, a system that delivers targeted relief and support through the nail plate and onto the nail bed.

Famous Names made significant waves in the sector with the launch of IBX: a strengthening system that penetrates the upper layers of the nail and cross-links inside the nail to toughen, repair and protect. Now, ACESO™ has been unveiled following three years of development, formulated to penetrates through the nail plate and onto the nail bed and surrounding soft tissue to deliver targeted relief and support.

The system features four products, powered by natural bio-actives including quillaja, a strong, natural cleanser; betaine, an emollient for nail keratin; tannic acid to help form the dermal skin, and clove extract and tea tree oil for their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

The ACESO™ System

Aceso Kick Start Soak

ACESO™ Kick Start Soak (professional only)

Kick Start Soak prepares the feet and nails in the salon to effectively begin the ACESO™ system. It utilises natural bio-actives and oil absorbers.

Aceso Step 1

ACESO™ Step 1

Apply Step 1 to the surface of the nail and/or under the nail plate onto the nail bed.

Aceso Step 2

ACESO™ Step 2

Apply Step 2 to the soft tissue around the nail plate and between the fingers and toes.

Aceso Debrider

ACESO™ Debrider

Use the ACESO™ Debrider to ‘flush’ dead tissue and debris between the nail plate and nail bed to help the nail plate reattach to the nail bed as new growth occurs.

Aceso (pronounced A-see-so) is the name of the Greek goddess of the healing process, thus an apt choice for the product range.

Aceso System Before And After

Before & after using the ACESO™ system. The range was used two times per day, six days per week to support a nail that was detaching from the nail bed. As the nail grew, Debrider was added to accelerate the re-attachment of the nail plate. The free edges were kept short throughout to promote nail re-attachment.

Clients using ACESO™ can enhance their nailcare routine by requesting IBX once the nail plate is mostly attached, and the underlying nail condition is resolving. Daily use of Dadi’Oil alongside ACESO™ can further optimise results, promoting healthier, stronger nails. It is recommended to use the system after a shower when the feet are wet.

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