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Sustainable Beauty Coalition launches to help industry clean up its act

By Emma Hobday | 05 July 2021 | Feature, Movers & Shakers, News, Sustainability & the environment

sustainable beauty coalition

The Sustainable Beauty Coalition (SBC) has launched in response to an independent sustainability report commissioned by the British Beauty Council, which analysed the beauty sector and the consumers it serves.

Published in November 2020, the report included a survey of 3,000 UK consumers that found that 1 in 7 wanted to buy an environmentally friendly beauty product and highlighted that 88% of people want brands to use less packaging.

The SBC is headed by chair Jayn Sterland, who comments, “The UK beauty and wellness industry has a strong voice, reputation and reach and we need to use it. Consumers are looking to us to clean up our act by addressing the many climate -related problems we have created, such as non-recyclable plastic packaging, chemicals contaminating the oceans, and misleading product claims.

“While a growing number of brands are taking significant steps to reduce their negative impact on the planet, these efforts are patchy and uncoordinated, so the coalition seeks to address this.”

The coalition is made up of industry experts and industry body representatives who will report to the British Beauty Council’s executive board, with a purpose to develop a clear strategy and roadmap to accelerate sustainability in the industry. The coalition will monitor the roadmap’s progress and keep the execution of initiatives under review.

Chief executive of the British Beauty Council, Millie Kendall MBE, says, “To make real tangible change, the industry must come together and collaborate, which is why we have formed the Sustainable Beauty Coalition.”

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Millie Kendall MBE

She continues, “The beauty industry needs to be transparent, accountable and make changes now – we will lose the respect of the consumer if we don’t. We can and should do better – the beauty industry’s purpose is, after all, to encourage the intrinsic beauty of people and our planet to shine.”

Read the Open Letter to the industry here.

For further information visit the Sustainability Beauty Coalition’s webpage.