Swarovski announces first Crystal Beauty education team

By Helena Biggs | 11 April 2019 | Movers & Shakers, News

Swarovski Educator Team Marian

Swarovski launched the UK Swarovski Crystal Beauty Academy from its London HQ on 21 March to develop professional understanding of its products.

Renowned nail artist and authorised instructor for the academy, Marian Newman, chose a select group of nail professionals to attend the first UK Swarovski authorised nail art educator workshop. These pros were put through their paces by Marian and members of the Swarovski team to develop the skills required to merit authorised nail art educator certification and lead their own workshops.

They were taught the application techniques required when working with premium crystals in the nail industry, as well as understanding of the products, which they can then pass onto other techs via conducting the Swarovski Nail Art Programme in their area.

Techs that complete this successfully will then be equipped to successfully add sparkling artistry to their services.

The Swarovski Crystal Beauty Academy was launched in the US in 2017. It received so many participation requests from nail artists around the world that Swarovski decided to bring it to London, and will be rolling it out across markets including Scandinavia, Japan and Russia across 2019 and 2020.