Sweet Squared educators celebrate success & requalification

By Helena Biggs | 23 December 2017 | Events, News

Liza Smith 15yrsjpg

Sweet Squared hosted its annual regional update training at its new HQ in Leeds to ensure that its ambassadors are continuing to train to the highest standards.

Facilitated by global team CND member, Nataliya Al-Ta’ai and CND international education manager, Kelly Melanitou, this year’s training was attended by UK & ROI EA’s. It marked the beginning of new CND protocol for global distributors, as EA’s are invited, and required, to undergo re-qualification every two years.

The introduction of re-qualification requires all to complete a written and practical assessment, ensuring their skills and knowledge are at the highest level needed for training excellence.

In the evening, the group enjoyed dinner at which where the prestigious Sweet Squared Educator of the Year accolade was awarded to Jemma Smith on account of her consistent improvement, unfaltering passion and communication with students, her always-polished look and demeanour as well as proving to be an asset to the BDM team.

“The compassion Jemma has for every one of her students shines for all to see,” comments Samantha Sweet, co-founder, Sweet Squared. “She even has a WhatsApp group for every cluster of students so that she can effectively communicate and is always encouraging her students to help one another, too.

“Every spa owner, journalist and student speaks so highly of Jemma and everyone at Sweet Squared wishes her continued success!”

On the final day of regional trainings, Sweet Squared acknowledged the loyalty and anniversaries achieved of its EA’s by gifting each with an anniversary necklace or pin to mark 1, 5, 10, 15 even 20 years representing CND.