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Sweet Squared launches KUPA E-files & UK KUPA service centre

By Rebecca Hitchon | 02 February 2023 | News, Products & Treatments

Sweet Squared Kupa

Nail and beauty distributor & training provider for the UK and Ireland, Sweet Squared, has added US E-file brand, KUPA, to its portfolio.

Available via Sweet Squared’s website is the KUPA MANIPro Passport E-File, along with KUPA E-file bits and compatible handpieces.

The MANIPro Passport E-File is a powerful, portable device offering low vibration and noise. Compact and lightweight, it features forward and reverse buttons and variable speed control. It can be fully charged in two hours, providing eight to ten hours of battery life.

The E-file can be paired with the KP-60 handpiece, a lighter and shorter option, and the KP-55 handpiece, a weightier choice with a slightly higher RPM (rotations per minute). Sweet Squared customers can also choose from a vast selection of KUPA E-file bits, ranging from Fine to XXCoarse in Carbide and Diamond and suited to shaping, filing and removal.

As well as extending its product offering, Sweet Squared has launched an in-house KUPA service centre for the UK. Named KUPA KLINIK, the centre is home to technicians available for repairs and annual services to keep customers’ KUPA E-files in tip-top condition for as long as possible.

Click here to get your hands on KUPA products via Sweet Squared.