Tattoos on nails pop up in America

By Scratch Staff | 10 April 2018 | Movers & Shakers, News

An American pop-up business has spurred up intrigue by offering tattooed nail art, where the nail plate is tattooed with a design.

Needle Nails, a collaborative effort between US fashion consultant, Ambie Stapleton and her tattoo artist friend, Christian Boyd, sees the nail plate inked with a needle for a look that lasts until the area grows out.

In an interview with US Vogue, the duo believes that the temporary tattoo status means more freedom in terms of design for those that like to get inked. Ambie showcased a nail look spelling out ‘Love’ at Paris men’s Fashion Week which piqued interest, and the idea for the pop-up business was made a reality.

Needle Nails has presented itself at a number of events in the US and has proved popular with both males and females wishing to express phrases or show off designs for long periods on their natural nails.

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Image courtesy of @needlenails.