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Technology takeover? Nail art printer market set to grow by 7.30%

By Emma Hobday | 15 July 2021 | News

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The nail art printer industry is expected to grow at a rate of 7.30% for the forecast period of 2020 to 2027, according to a report by Reports Web. 

The expanding use of nail art printers in retail, spas, nail and beauty salons and wedding studios is also expected to fuel the progress of this market in the coming years. 

The market is segmented by type into stamping printers and built-in computer printers, out of which the stamping printer segment holds significant market share due to the product being available at a reasonable and affordable price range. 

A popular printer in the UK and Ireland are the Fingernails2Go printers, which feature the ability to print nail art images, patterns or photos onto a customer’s natural nail or onto press-on nails for later application.

Michael O’Hara, COO of Fingernails2Go commented, “We have recently released our Countertop Nail Art Printer, which is perfect for salon environments as an add-on purchase, or to draw in customers for an initial visit or special offer for salons looking to increase their customer base.” 

The market in Europe is predicted to grow the most over the forecast period due to the booming growth of the cosmetic industry. Furthermore, the UK and Italy are home to many market players that see consumers as ‘impulse buyers’ and the introduction of products with intensified ease and value-added features, such as instant print, can be appreciated by consumers leading a demanding lifestyle. 

In a matter of minutes, nail art printers can print the client’s chosen image directly onto the nail to produce amazing nail art. Additionally, the market in Asia is anticipated to provide ample growth opportunities owing to the increasing nail art demand in the region; particularly Japan. 

The major players dominating the nail art printer market are Funai Electric Co. Ltd., Amy Beauty Equipment and Guangzhou Taiji Electronic Co. Ltd. 

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