Techs scoop awards at Brillbird annual meeting

By Sophie Nutt | 12 February 2019 | Events, News

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The Brillbird team came together to enjoy an annual meeting, celebrating the brand’s successes over the past year and the achievements of it’s techs.

“Across the country our lives are all so busy running salons, training centres and keeping our own continued development and training progressing,” says Liliya Moss, owner of Brillbird UK. “We manage at some points throughout the year to complete training courses and development together, but it never seems that we can all commit at the same time. So when January arrives, we make sure we give the time for each and every one of us to have a weekend in the diary to meet.

“In 2018 many of us took on new roles and travelled with training, while some opened new training centres and salons. We left the families at home and got cover for work so that we could come together as a team to share what we’ve achieved and to help each other move forwards into 2019.

“We showcased new techniques that we have learned individually and brought our art displays together to give each other ideas for further Brillbird education courses. We also shared new ideas for improving our marketing and sales in each of our areas. Finally, we celebrate each other’s successes and learn from one another about how these successes were achieved.”

Recognising the achievements of individuals, the Brillbird annual meeting saw a number of techs, educators and distributors scoop accolades for their hard work:

  • Brillbird distributor, Kim Bowden Brown in Cornwall, achieved Best Distributor of the Year.
  • Neringa Alsauskiene scooped Best Educator of the Year.
  • Michelle Brookes, Inga Jonutyte and Neringa Alsauskiene all scooped awards for Excellent Performance.
  • Brillbird Scotland educator, Beatrex Farkas, scooped the Brillbird Long Service award.

“The nail industry is continually moving forwards and, as a team, we’re never alone with our worries and concerns of how we keep up with this,” concludes Liliya. “We will continue to pursue our dreams moving forwards into another year.”