TGB Academy launches new nail art workshops

By Sophie Nutt | 10 December 2019 | Events, News

Untitled Design

The Gel Bottle Inc has launched new nail art workshops via the TGB Academy.

Lead by a range of The Gel Bottle Inc ambassadors and educators, the workshops are designed to teach techs the skills required to create their signature nail art looks.

Covering a range of designs such as tortoiseshell, polish stamping or perfecting the baby boomer ombré, the fun and creative workshops provide the chance to learn from demonstrations, practice skills hands-on and gain advice from fellow techs. The workshops will also cover how to use each different nail art brush from The Gel Bottle Inc. brush kit.

“We recommend taking a look at as many of the educators’ portfolios on Instagram as you can and choosing one, where possible, whose artwork resonates best with your personal style,” says the TGB Academy team. “This workshop is a fantastic option for those wanting to diversify their profile and keep up to date with the trends, providing fresh, fun looks for clients who want more. The workshop includes a minimum of five hours practical training and is a fantastic way to master these looks in just one day.”

Locations that are currently offering the nail art workshops include Aberdeen with Nailco (@nailconailbar), Brighton with Diana Moskat (@diana.moskat), Camberley with Jess Maynard (@jessmaynard_nails) and Glasgow with Nailco (@nailconailbar).

For more information and to book your place visit

Featured image: nails courtesy of Alana at Nailco Nail Bar.